Vishnu Sultania Founder, Managing Director

Areas of expertise
  • Strategic Management
  • Fund Raising
  • M&A 
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary

Vishnu Sultania has over 28 years of management and leadership experience. He founded AKMV Consultants and has played a leadership role in cross border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), fund raising for technology companies, Infrastructure space, Security and Facility Management market. He plays an instrumental role for start-ups as their mentors and provide them guidance on their seed funding, growth capital, and M&A requirements.

He is a pioneer in building companies and has acquired a number of companies in India and Overseas. He has raised funds from international market and has laid the strategic and financial functions of listed company.

Mr. Sultania has been working with founders of Start-ups and Promotors of High growth companies in their Inorganic Initiatives. He brings in a unique combination of finance, Value addition and an ability to close transactions in a time bound manner. His high motivation clubbed with entrepreneurial spirit acted as a catalyst in making AKMV an Advisor of choice for several companies. He has successfully handled leadership positions at Verint Systems, Telstra International, OCS group. He is a qualified chartered accountant and a company secretary. He is an award winning professional and ranked among the best 100 CFOs in India with a clear win in the Merger and Acquisition front. He is  a proud author of many published notes and a believer in giving back to the society, He spends his time in preparing students to clear the interview of UPSC Exam.

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“Your ability to understand business, numbers, and people is a unique strength that allows the right filtering, evaluation, structuring, closing, and post-closing integration of the relevant M&A opportunities.”

Dhiraj Singh

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