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I take an opportunity to congratulate the New President of America and wish him all the success. Being the most powerful person he deserves the good wishes from all of us as his action will touch probably each and every individual on this earth one way or the other. So congratulations Mr. President. Mr. Donald Trump, President of America prescribed a policy of protection by taking the position of ” Buy American and Hire American”. In Indian context we call is Swadeshi! I have seen and reviewed many statistical report stating its impact on Indian Economy specially the 150 BN USD business of Its companies. It is echoing with a news that Infosis is terminating 9000 employees. The minimum salary for working visa to be fixed to USD 100K as against 60K now, if any none American wants to get hired on the political boundary of America. We all were saying that political power is inferior to economic power. Now the political power will redefine economic power. The outsourced efficiency will replace American political desire and will certainly recast the future economic and fiscal policy. We say world is a village. We have WTO that advocates free trade between member nations and trade barrier should be removed. Do we have an answer? American is the largest consumer of the goods and services and economy like China and Japan from Asians reasons are highly dependent on America. The dependence of India as a whole in American export is very low and hence the impact of any imposed restrictions will also be low. I personally feel that eventually free economy will supersede political desires and economy will defend itself keeping efficiency in mind. It may not be practical that a Japanese fuel efficient car will be replaced by an expensive and fuel inefficient car. America needs market. The previous American leadership saw an opportunity in rising middle class population and hence they came closure to India. They respected India as an emerging super power. India will continue to enjoy the status and respect. All most all credible agencies are unanimous that India will be the GDP puller of the world. I am a bit concerned the way we react to the statement. As I have written in my earlier article that all elected govt has their obligations towards their electorate. This obligation also includes providing better product at cheaper price?! I strongly feel that we make our proposition so unique that our value addition can not be replaced. We no longer become a country of man power suppliers but be the supplier of such a class of service that can not be produced elsewhere. History confirms that skills are superior than loyalty. Skills protect beyond loyalty and so will happen now. It will be very difficult to replace cost arbitrage and software mind with expensive Americans overnight. Even if it happens it will take long time as it not so easy to move economy of that scale. It will be my advise to IT leadership to be looking forward to convert this adversity into opportunity. Mr. President will have to fight an internal war by creating trade barriers through his fiscal policies. I have nothing against the view expressed by the new leader as I also support Swadeshi in Indian context. In India also Swadeshi andolan could not be that successful and we had to welcome foreign investment and products. We should be watching the actions carefully and be agile enough to respond by being flexible and firm at times. Jai Hind!

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